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New York Times, The Phillips Curve, and Counting Problems

On October 24th, the New York Times published an article in its Upshot section titled, “The 57-Year-Old Chart That Is Dividing the Fed”, which discusses the Phillips Curve and its potential use by the Fed in considering raising interest rates. An interesting article, but it was extremely shallow in content, and largely missed the underlying […]


The New World of Travel: (Useless) Advertising Everywhere

10 hour-plus flights have a way of separating the travel pros from the amateurs. The pros know – download what you need, get situated, figure out the time change and rest accordingly, stay busy, and move once in a while. Those on their first real long flight are easy to spot – bored out of their […]


Artificial Intelligence: The Unspoken Language Barrier

Artificial Intelligence has been making the rounds recently in the media, with Elon Musk, Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, and many others sharing their thoughts and concerns about AI, saying it is a potential threat to humanity or will create some other nefarious consequence. Many media outlets have offered additional commentary attempting to reduce potential panic, suggesting concerns are […]

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